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Mishka presents Keep Watch Vol. 5: MixHell

“MixHell is the musical brainchild of husband/wife team Iggor and Lalma Cavalera, fusing dark rock, hip hop cyberpunk and dance into the mix, they bring a new approach to the Keep Watch series. Relentlessly heavy, the mix combines old favorites spanning at least a few genres as well as introducing original MixHell tracks – ranging from trance inducing soundscapes to drum beats that need to be danced to, MixHell encompasses everything we at Mishka love about the Keep Watch Series.

Iggor Cavalera is best known as the drummer in Sepultura, as anyone who listened to metal in the 90’s knows, Sepultura had an uncanny ability to make some of the most punishing music on the planet – known equally for their rhythmic structure as their heavy handedness. Iggor’s contributions to the band have transcended just the metal world and helped spawn MixHell. He and his wife Lalma perform live mixes worldwide incorporating their love of all music giving each set an organic almost pulse like essence.”

Download here.

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