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It gives us a mild feeling of euphoria to announce that Issue Three of AOOLEU is out on the town! To celebrate, we’ll be hosting a stall at “My Grandma’s Back Yard” on SUNDAY 3RD AUGUST at Cinema Capitol, Bucharest (around 2pm-ish). Issue three is more lovely than ever – it’s the first Aooleu to be printed on specially ordered Munken paper, which we bought of a paper dealer that we found hanging around the back of Piata Domenii. Like all good things, Aooleu is strictly limited edition, which means we’ll be giving away just 100 copies on Sunday – come early to avoid having to buy a copy off eBay from a Japanese comics collector.
PLUS! For those of you who are bourgeois enough to be able to fly to Berlin at a moment’s notice, we should warn you that the Aooleu team will be running a presentation and workshop on the 8th / 9th of August. The place: Edelweiss, Goerlitzerpark, Berlin ( Sod your carbon footprint – catch a flight and join us for Deutschland-based fun and frolics.
Das is alles for now,
Auf Wiedersehn, pet

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