Write4Gold, la a 6’a editie. Locatiile au fost/vor fi:
Write4Gold Africa de Sud, Capetown 03.11.2007
click here (Africa de Sud) Write4Gold Australia, Melbourne 08.12.2007
click here (Australia) Write4Gold Portugalia, Lisabona, 29.03.2008
click here (Portugalia, Spania) Write4Gold Baltics, Riga, 26.04.2008
click here (Letonia, Riga) Write4Gold Italia, Roma 03.05.2008
click here (Italia) Write4Gold Austria, Viena 10.05.2008
click here (Austria) Write4Gold Europa de Est, Bratislava 31.05.2008
click here (PL/CZ/SK/HU/HR/UKR) Write4Gold Germania, Muenster, 14.06.2008
click here (Germania, Olanda, Belgia, Luxembourg, UK, CH) Write4Gold Rusia, Moscova, 2008
(Belarus,Rusia) Write4Gold Danemarca, Roskilde 29.06.2008
click here (Danemarca,Suedia,Finlanda,Norvegia) Write4Gold Finalele Europene splash! Festival 11.07.2008
click here Write4Gold Finalele Mondiale, splash! Festival 12.07.2008
click here


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