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Va anuntam, cu entuziasm, ca in cele cateva saptamani care au trecut din 2010 am facut modele noi de hainute. Un model nou de colanti – impreuna cu leg warmers, care nu apar in poza – a fost gata in ultimele zile din 2009. O esarfa cu aplicatii textile (spuneti-le pisici, in cazul de fata) a fost cadoul pentru o amica si este primul produs pentru aceasta primavara. Vom continua seria de esarfe cu modele similare, customizabile pana la loc comanda.
Cea mai noua hainuta, tot orientata catre primavara, este salopeta pentru copilasi (pana la 2 ani).

Contactati-ne pentru detalii, comenzi & altele.
Ne vedem la urmatorul pop-up shop, pe 13 si 14 februarie / locatia va fi dezvaluita in unul dintre newsletter‘ele viitoare.


We’re very excited to share what we’ve been up to: the new Save or Cancel items. A new model of leggings, which come with matching leg warmers (not shown in picture), came into being in the last days of 2009. A scarf with kittens applied, a gift for a friend, is the first spring item for the year and similar, but not the same, models are in the making (customizable per request).
The latest item finished is spring-anxious too: toddler overalls (made to fit up to 2 years old).

Contact us for more details on the items, orders & such.
See you at the next pop-up shop, 13th and 14th of February / location to be disclosed in one of our future newsletters.


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