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Top 10 SEO checklist results for

Want better search engine results? Our Top Ten SEO Checklist can help. We’ve analyzed your site and found the following issues. Correct them and boost your site’s exposure and traffic.

Invalid Proper Navigation
Each page of your site should contain links to every other page so search engine spiders can find every page. This is a critical step for the proper indexing and page rank distribution of your site.
Look out!
1 page has no internal links.
1 page contains Flash.
1 page has no external links.
Ok Proper Sitemap
It’s important to use two site maps for your website–an XML version and a static version. The XML version can be created with Search Engine Visibility’s site map tool. The static version should sit on a static HTML page and contain links to every other page.
Great work! You’re using a proper site map.
Ok Controlled Crawling
It’s important that search engine spiders find your robots.txt file that guides spiders to pages and directories you want crawled and denies entry to protected areas of your site.
Great work! You’re using a robots.txt file.
Ok Duplicate Content/Tags
Because search engines treat web sites as a grouping of pages and not a single entity, each page on your site should be unique so that the tags and content differ between each page. Doing so increases the number of pages that will rank.
Great work! No significant duplicate tag issues to speak of.
Ok Word Density
Pages should contain 300 to 700 words of unique and descriptive content. A page’s meta tag keywords should also be those that occur most frequently on the page.
Great work! No significant word density issues to speak of.