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Save or Cancel – status

1. © Save or Cancel – new logo
2. We started working on our new site – which will become our new home / shop & all – soon it will be public for visits.
3. © Save or Cancel / Cinema garden Capitol could be on again this summer – more info and details soon, very soon!!!
4. Coming up next: Save or Cancel Mix series volume 08 – very special guest.
5. Till it’s ready I’ll post a mix from the archive. It’s a mix I’ve recorded around this time, last year and I still like it:

© Save or Cancel part 1 / uBIc.
download here.

1. Alexander Marcus – Papaya
2. Rezistenta Materialelor – 958 // one of my favorite songs
3. Detboi (remix) – Beeper // the original song is made by Fam Lay & Pharrell and we like it better.
4. Justice – Phantom
5. Kid Kudi – Day ‘n’ night (Crookers remix) // we reckon this was a starting point for Ro new musical trends.

Total 10 min.