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Save or Cancel – status 26

 @Vlad & Dragos

“Ciao, ciao bella”

We’re back! We had a nice & soothing holiday, although we can’t really tell you much about it. A short briefing would sound like: family, friends, heroes of might & magic III (wog), seeing some traditions right after what one would call “live and kicking”, auto service, proof that the new spice shop across the street is not only an instant succes, but a serious competitor for Mallinckrodt Inc. & the likes; some more sewing, gifts, lots of nice dinners in the perfect company each time, […].

So you wonder what’s next? A brand new 365-day rotation, a long line of events, collabos, launchings and releases, tracks, a mix by nwt (yeah, me too – you too, I bet 🙂), new clothing items, parties & not so regular Save or Cancel pop-up shops.

In the next following days we’ll deal with:

1. A quick look at what Save or Cancel has been up to the past two years.

2. New web releases (13th of January 2010):
– Polo embroidery tee in collabo w/ Rezistenta Materialelor
– Harlequin leggings, colanti, iegari “si sau &” streci :))

3. 17th of January 2010 Save or Cancel 2nd year anniversary!!!