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THE OUTSIDERS: 10.Deep Fall 2009 Lookbook

THE OUTSIDERS: 10.Deep Fall 2009 Lookbook

You may have seen the posters (or some of your favorite blogs’ posts about the posters) but the fruit of “The Outsiders” street campaign has now ripened and is ready to drop. The 10.Deep Fall Delivery 2 Lookbook is officially up. With this second delivery we see a continuation of the themes from our Fall Delivery 1 “Proud to be a Problem” campaign. “The Outsiders” collection brings the great outdoors to the city with a solid mix of outdoor and sportswear apparel.

A bit more progressive than the first delivery, this group of product is a heritage inspired collection that takes cues from ’90s outdoor activewear mixing southwestern textiles with fashion-forward sportswear. Standout pieces like the Southwest Ridge flannel, Deer Hunter reversible vest, Sierra Nylon mountain parka, and our Iron Clad melton wool New Era flap cap, will be defining pieces on the street this fall.

Featuring rappers Emilio Rojas (Brooklyn), Danny Brown (Detroit), Nate Fantasia and Rodrigo Lima from the 10.Deep Skate Team, and our usual cast of friends and associates, “The Outsiders” Fall Delivery 2 collection hits stores this week.

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