Ophex Gringo de Janeiro

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11 tracks, 11 attempts for gringo to become a funkiero.

The album is all about baile funk, but from a bit different, fun perspective. Every tune has a huge amount of samples – some unrecognisable, some are pretty obvious. There was no intention to hide them – that is absolutely acceptable in the favelas. That‘s what a gringo would want, right – to be accepted inna di ghetto:) Anyways, Gringo de Janeiro – a warm, simple and fun experience. No hidden messages, no mind penetrations, just pure tropical entertainment. Enjoy!

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/ophex
Facebook (bio & press kit inside): facebook.com/ophex
Youtube: youtube.com/ophexmusic
Twitter: twitter.com/ophexmusic
Contact/bookings: ophex51@gmail.com

Mastering: Jokūbas roketpower@gmail.com
Artwork: H2 h2chaos.com

creditsreleased 30 March 2011