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Marvellous Macc Mello – 3 short versions

Christmas is right around the corner and just around that corner is Macc Mello’s new mixtape entitled ‘Mello Christmas 2: Bad Santa’ (be ready for it around 20th of Dec.). I don’t know if you remember his 2007 “Mello Christmas, but I was quite happy to find out I still have it. 😀

Macc Mello was very kind, in his usual manner, to send us 3 short versions of tracks you’ll find on the mixtape. As he had put it: “Something until the ‘Gems’ EP drops”.

Marvellous Macc Mello – Always Strap

Marvellous Macc Mello – Say Something

Marvellous Macc Mello – I Think I Luv Her