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Vechiul nostru amic, Juja the honey peanut,  care a fost prezent in line up ul petrecerii de vineri @ The Ark, a facut un mix pentru Club Action. 
Desi nu locuieste in Bucuresti il puteti gasi destul de des, “mixand 4 pick-up’uri gemini” la deBufet.

⁃ 1.The Herbaliser ft Bahamdia-When I Shine(Dynamic Syncopation mix)
⁃ 2.J.Dilla-Geek Down
⁃ 3.Jay Z-Can’t get with that
⁃ 5.Boca 45 – 45 Took Hudson
⁃ 6.Flying Lotus-Vegas Collie
⁃ 7.Riow Arai – Criminal Groove
⁃ 8.Z Trip – About Face
⁃ 9.Oneness of JuJu – Every Way But Loose
⁃ 10.Riow Arai – Beat Cast Yourself
⁃ 11.Freddy Fresh-Dope Beat
⁃ 12.Bumblebee Unlimited-Funk For Days
⁃ 13.LCD Sounsystem – Loosing My Edge
⁃ 14.Todd Sines – Come Closer Planet E
⁃ 15.Radio Trip – Computers Singing
⁃ 16.Tropical Treats – Rift Valley Groove
⁃ 17.Mophono – Tighten Up
⁃ 18.Smoove – He Won’t Get Far
⁃ 19.Linkwood – What’s Up With The Underground
⁃ 20.Zerodb -A Pomba Girou (moonstar remix)
⁃ 21.Ennio Styles – Zouk
⁃ 22.Sam irL – African Dance

⁃ 23.Belleruche – Anything You Want (not that)(hint remix)


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