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it works very well as a ludic narrative

“This is mainly an experimentation with soft bodies using toxi’s verlet springs in Processing. The first idea was to visualize the greatest empires decline. Along with that came the idea of fluid and timeless boundaries, and thus some kind of soft bodies dissolution.[…] The data refers to the evolution of the top 4 maritime empires of the XIX and XX centuries by extent.”- Pedro M Cruz

– via Anil Dash

Karsten Schmidt (aka toxi) a fost invitat de Victoria and Albert Museum sa realizeze identitatea expozitiei Decode – opensource @ google.

“The identity application is fully interactive and can be controlled via mouse, keyboard and a graphical user interface. The application lets you manipulate most parameters in realtime to create a variety of different looks and we encourage you to take the time to experiment to create your own version. You do not need to be an expert coder, as Karsten has included a detailed user guide for changing each of the parameters via the user interface and provided some pointers to make changes to the code itself. Follow the steps below to take part, and then send your recoded work to us for inclusion in our digital gallery. The V&A reserves the right not to display any works deemed unsuitable.
A number of the recoded works submitted to us will be chosen by the V&A and CBS to appear on London Underground digital screens to promote the exhibition. Each work used in this way will appear fully credited with the name of its artist.”