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Hallelujah! Mishka Spring 09 Lookbook

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“We’re proud to present the lookbook for our Spring ’09 collection: Hallelujah! This collection sprouts new growth for us with our very first comprehensive collection designed specifically for women. Complimentarily, this spring ushers in some fresh new mens’ designs – refining past favorites with solid spring colors, and introducing new cut & sew pieces that are sure to become staples in the wardrobes of old fans as well as new.Part of the Mishka ethos has always been to carve our own path – pushing the boundaries of what’s expected, with designs ranging from sophisticated to hilarious. Whether it’s the subtle Stomp MA-1 Jacket or the in-your-face Keep Watch Tights, we always trying to define our own curve while keeping our designs highly wearable. Some brands may lose sight of this in the interest of “maturing”. We invite you to once again buck the trends, whether you’re a girl or a guy, a lady or a gentleman.Even as we get a little older and wiser, we can keep sight of what made us fall in love with making clothing. It’s too early to pack it in and call it a day on having a good time with what you wear. This lookbook is proof that there’s still fun left to be had anywhere – with your friends, with your clothing, and with whatever else you choose to throw into the mix. Shot by Nate “Igor” Smith of Driven by Boredom, the lookbook is a perfect representation of the essence and soul of Mishka’s past present and future. Maybe these pages remind you of something you’ve been missing, maybe they remind you of last night… whatever the case, we hope they remind you of who Mishka is, and who we’ll always be.”