“Here is a very interesting lecture from Gabriel Shalom about Augmented Reality technologies and his proposal to change this name to something called Aura Recognition or AuRec, he gives some examples of why indeed Augmented Reality is a bad term for this new technologies (interenet of things apps), because if we look back a story of technology we find out there have been other technologies that have already given us an enhance state of reality, like for example the innovation of written language which is a concrete visualization of reality augmented meta data.Apart from this proposal of renaming the term Augmented Reality, the thing found more interesting is the use of sound as the more appropriate channel for developing this applications instead of the visual platforms being developed today which may be annoying or obtrusive like screens goggles projectors etc.. he states that a good design challenge for developers or start ups companies in this field would be to develop voice control operative systems with a sonified user interface that can blend with existing technologies.”

– via designplaygrounds.com


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