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“Dear Homies & Homettes,
In a few weeks we are releasing our first album TRUTH SERUM and because of that we are giving away the first song that we ever wrote as Steed Lord ….you might remember it, its called “YOU” This is a new and improved version. MIXED & MASTERED by us and with a BANGIN NEW KICKDRUM but still with the same old dirty “one take” vocals ! Why are we giving it away? Because it wont be on the album. “YOU” was remixed by our good friend & super homie DJ KLEVER back in 2006 an that remix still bangs hard!

NOW YOU GET A CHANCE TO REMIX IT YOURSELF ! So here is the acapella, instrumental and the original all newly mixed. Its 122bpm.
No stems. No seeds…just the sticky icky icky!


we are looking forward to see if anyone is up to the challenge! and yeah! when you send it to us please upload it to or yousendit and send us the download link to

house music all night long,