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BUCCI, Pier – Santiago De Bucharest

Title: Santiago De Bucharest
Label: Maruca Germany
Format: 12″
Released: 20 July, 2009
Genre: Minimal/Tech House

Foarte bine ma simt cand mai aflu de cate ceva asa dragut. Link’ul l-am primit de la Andrei Plus – deci vom asculta piesa miercuri la Teatrul de vara CAPITOL MMIX / Save or Cancel.

“Review”The journey of a chillian sound influenced by a particular romanian flavor. This sounds wild! Therefore, the material to follow will be focused on interesting work. Pier Bucci together with Monochrome including the romanian artists Livio&Roby allying this time their third beloved partner George G, together they come out in a beautiful Ep called, Santiago de Bucharest. What kind of connections can be found in these two culture background in the context of their own music expression? Since last years South America represented a big influence in electronic music, with the latin vibes and soul! Extremely obvious is that rumanian artists identify naturaly with latin influences as their common origins helped them easily to experience this into one and solid sound. Despite of the latin common element which connect the artists, their soul and spirit it is expressed unique but different in their own particular way. The two different and far way countries which opposite seem to be so close, both latin souls, they are subject to compromise, for passion with gifted music skill. As a result, romanian vibe same as chillian one has highly flavored traits of region, which in turn has a significant impact on the development of the world wide electronic music. If the whole world were like the rumanians and chillians there would be no war. Their kalashnikov is the violin, their grenades the accordion, their bayonets their dancers. Gypsy influence on the romanian music and the andean, altiplanic on the chillian, turned out to be beautiful expressed in the two tracks Santiago de Bucharest and Schoalabe che Dub The way that the gypsy play music obviously opens up a new world to express human emotion more directly and deeply via musical instruments, this is what romanian does too with same heart and soul. Even though the gypsies have undergone a legacy of suffering, fortunately, their music talent has been a successfully influence for the romanians.”