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Alice in China, Wonderland no more

On a regular basis, I’m quite convinced that the world is not really going berserk, furthering from a moral & altogether good path. I most often believe that events and situations follow a cause-and-effect type of line so not all things are lost. Then again, from time to time, things like wars, world hunger, Ion Iliescu, Tracy Emin & Uffie still accepted as-is – or even liked, make me lose all gained equilibrium. But about them, in a future post. The general trend is every person’s god-like status – you know, the mystical experience democratized and we’re all our own gods. I can care or not about moral standards, since they are but an option in my god-like reign of my own life. And that’s perfectly acceptable. A freedom most of us know not how to deal – the freedom of the mystical personal experience. Unregulated as it currently stands in the democracy trend, the mystical experience is left for us to work with. But lets be honest, most of us don’t know how to properly work @ our day job, let alone our mystical experience and understanding of life. That’s why we’ve got guides we can pin on the art board of our life, equally available for everyone. Call them movies, books, drugs, shows, parties, cars, blogs, pcs, macs & so on, they all work on the same level – building and shaping the areal of our allowed mystical experience. Don’t think I’m saying what I’m not, I don’t dig conspiracy theories – wouldn’t that be easy? Nah, we work on this together.

So what’s all this got to do with Alice?
Well… isn’t it about a girl that picks trading with China over Wonderland? Isn’t she a bit too unimpressed with her old friends, the creatures of Wonderland?
Is that good? Yes, if the whole society around you says so, it ought to be. Fact. They even made it into a movie, that’s how good it is.

psst psst kids? drugs are not the opposite of the general (mainstream) trend, they’re just one variation on the same subject. Some are their own God in a movie multiplex, some while at home stoned. Word.