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Rone/ Abstract Puzzle

    Rone/ Abstract Puzzle Kube Musette

    PR & design


    Kube Musette
    Calea Victoriei 114



    Cristina Popa
    Andrei Racovițan
    Alex Iacob

    This exhibition, the second one at Kube Musette in Bucharest, presents a new series of works from the Rains cycle, but with a new approach towards the metamorphosis of the subject, of the chromatic dialogue in a different format this time, namely a round one. An attempt to transpose into painting traces left by water droplets in free-fall on a vertical surface. In this context, water is replaced by liquid color, which interacts with the vertical surface of the canvas, with the goal of restoring the transparency of the pictural matter and creating a unique image that combines alternatively the sensuality of the free flow with the resonance of solid color fills. This attempt to turn rain into an abstraction resulted in a new series of works suggestively named Abstract Puzzle, as the viewers are invited to interact mentally with the canvas in a playful manner, so as to create their own pictorial perspective.