Capitol Cinema / Summer Theatre

In 2017-2018, Save or Cancel proposes a cultural heritage awareness and sensitization campaign, with an application on Capitol Cinema / Theatre Summer, revealing the economic, social and educational potential of all abandoned cultural spaces in RomaniaSave or Cancel proposes an awareness campaign and sensibilization about national cultural heritage, with an application on Capitol Cinema / Summer Theatre, revealing its potential as an independent cultural hub. 4 conferences, 3 art installations, 4 exhibitions and 3 open calls forTalks, exhibitions, talks, articles and open calls for art, sound and design projects will activate the collective memory, reintegrate the monument in the public circuit through democratic reinterpretations of urban space as cultural space, exploring the links between art, nature and the city.

Teatrul de vara CAPITOL 2017

awareness campaign


Constantin Mille 13


Cristina Popa
Andrei Racovițan
Ana Dămoc
Alex Iacob


  • the investigation, re-use and promotion of heritage participates in the urban regeneration and social and economic transformation of the community;
  • artistic investment in ecosystems;
  • collective processes, co-creation;
  • mobile and ephemeral: the use and integration of the facade in human-scale projects: urban signals;
  • pop-up, temporary initiatives, which can be presented itinerant.
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Articles about the current campaign:

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